Muses “Poem”

Listen to the muses of the stars tonight

There are muses of drunken God in all that exists

I lean my ear near the sound of the breeze

It says “Get Drunk to my muses O mortal being”

I am all drunk now once and for all

In my drunkness are the hidden raging sorrows

Forever doomed to loneliness and suffering

Who are you? the Muses protests in sheer contempt

I no longer recognize my own self what sort of muses are these O my drunken soul

Where have you gone? I am unable to recall my own self

I am lost to these strange muses from Ancient Greece

From whence you seduced my self into oblivion I Implored!

No answer came to rescue but silence of Zarathustra

Some of these days you are going to miss me honey sings Sophie Tucker

I again got lost into these ancient muses

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