On becoming a philosopher “Poem”

Against all odds and the impossible of the impossible I will became a philosopher

The world constantly makes you something other than what you are

The world calls on me for a career and a secure job and a sustainable income

I am no consumer, no employee, no citizen, no religious preacher but an artists eye

My task is to give life to Poetry and philosophy like no have ever done before

I have been trained by Zarathustra, by the inconceivable spirit of Nietzsche

Against all that exists in heaven and on earth I will became what I am

An individual is everything all else is a mere imitation of false idols of men and their morals and laws and institutions

My readings are more serious than any hard core course or a degree program one may have in a university

My aims are not limited to what a university will dictate

I myself am a university and precious Alexandria library of ancient Egypt

All universities are mediocrities where as I am not handicapped by their curriculum or professors

I know what I am shooting at it is the individual liberty against the herd

It is the super human cogito of Nietzsche “I am no man but a dynamite”

Conceive as it may be until the final hour comes and new philosophies overcomes the old ones

Until the individual overcomes society in manner of Henry David Thoreau

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