Mountain Climber “Poem”

I am a mountain climber I said to my heart

Philosophy as for as I have understood is a walk alone on ice bergs

The skyscrapers and cliffs I must jump off

I am being chased by religious preachers, traditionalists, customary demons, bondage of family and friends and emotions

For a journey on mountains is lonely one

My liberator are the books on my shelves

We have our secrets and goals preserved in divine chambers

For I must write truths not falsehoods of all I experience and learn

My passion for philosophy and poetry and literature as a whole

Is more superior than my own being in my mothers womb

My being have nothing to prove to the world

My opinions don’t matter I have no desire to shout, protest and scream to change the world

My message is nihilism and nothingness and meaninglessness and emptiness of existence

Therefore, Ignore and wave from a distance to this mountain climber every now and then

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