Whole Numbers “Poem”

In Ancient Greece Parmenides student of Xenophanes who were the first Monists as when Parmenides looked at the sky he said, God is one.

Pythagorean’s said that human factors are two such as white and black, sweet and bitter, good and bad, large and small

Aristotle in his Metaphysics book Alpha five argues “Which is not could in any way exist in addition to that which is.” so Parmenides thought of necessity which is one and nothing else

“For God made hot that which is, the cold that which is not, the causes and principles were two fire and earth” (excerpt from Metaphysics by Aristotle)

I learn in school all whole numbers are real numbers but all real numbers are not whole numbers

The number 0 is the beginning of all that exists to infinity and 0 equals to nihilism of existence

If you add 10 into 5 and multiply it by 10 the answer will always be 150 unless you break their distributive property

Therefore, Whole numbers excites me and I study their properties

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