The New Vision “Poem”

The New Vision declares death to all history

The New vision declares rebellion to Authority

The New Vision smashes the old traditions and beliefs

The New Vision declares War on all Institutions and their values

This New Vision is for New people

The New Vision is for a New world

The New vIsion Speaketh “We are new why should our ways be old?

The New Vision embarks light on dead souls

Wake up the visions protests in rage

The new is begging for something new

Let the world put their hands out

The World Will be crowned with new Morals and values

We need no more prophets or sacred scriptures

We need Zarathustra only so we say human all too human

The stars are not on fire let’s put them on fire once more

We want no more wars but peace

We need no more religious preachers but humanists

We want no more collectivism but individualism

We need no more churches or temples but humanity

We need no more hate but love

We need no more racism, fanaticism, communism, racialism or any new ism

We only need humanitarianism

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