No more “Poem”

Produce No More Religious Scholars for earths sake

You have destroyed the mankind with your divine missions

Close the doors of all mosques and churches for heavens sake no more prayers needed

No more I say to righteous preachers of all religions

Let us go back to the state of nature all pure and simple

Who needs to listen to warnings and glad tidings now?

Centuries have passed hearing your empty Sermons O defenders of faiths

Leave this world at peace or I must leave your divine world and God forever

Cast me into hell or thrust a knife into my flesh or shoot a bullet into my chest

I am going into wildernesses for away from this hideous religious preachers

Don’t come near me with your loose tongues and guns

Goodbye O believers for I believe in the same God but not in your ways

I will built a castle up on the mountains I say no more to civilization

No more, no more and no more

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