On Death “Poem”

How disappointed I was even after my death

What if there were no funerals and no shrines in tis world ?

Where is everything? Reveal O world the faces of corpses buried million years ago

When suffering and pain exceeds it becomes easy according to Ghalib

As soon as I walk into gardens they become deserts and nightingales cries on my visit

Why don’t God send Jesus again to take our sufferings ?

Please someone come up to cure my despairs and sorrows

I m writing words after words may God let no one understood what I mean

Wait Until the post men comes let me write a letter to God?

For I must inform God for how long I am in this devastated world

Let my letter be delivered to God before the grapes turn into wine

For I am waiting for an answer from God as why was I born if not to suffer more than others?

Ghalib I quit drinking but I drink sometimes in evenings of despair and mournings

How do I tell you O world for how long I am in this devastated world?

If only I can keep record of all my bad deeds

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