Reading Foucault “Poem”

The individual is no doubt the fictitious atom of an ideological representation of a society

“Panopticism” is the model of surveillance in use

This is the image of Our present society after the pandemic (Covid-19) writes Foucault in his book (discipline and punish) years ago

The individual is an enemy for collectivism

Opinions different than the popular ones are discredited and normalized by Universities and other psychologists

I should have my education in a different school like Thoreau said why there should be one Usf, one Harvard and one oxford?

On criminals, abnormals and nerds mechanisms of normalization are applied more ferociously than normal law abiding individuals

Society at its best is a failure for individuals who listen to different drummers

It doesn’t accept them but punish them and disciplined them

For how long difference in opinions will not be tolerated asks Foucault?

The answer remains unanswered to this day

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