Schopenhauer “Poem”

One morning I was reading Schopenhauer

Norris came raging towards me and yelled at me “Hey Schopenhauer what’s up with you”

I looked at him like a doctor looks at a Mad patient in his clinic

“Squeezing life through Schopenhauer’s ideas” I answered

I have to write a critical essay on Schopenhauer “world as will and idea”

He didn’t ask but I could see his curiosity to know what Schopenhauer writes

I started blabbing “It is not the sun but your eyes that sees the Sun” says Schopenhauer that the world exists because you exist”

Norris interrupted “Go get a life you and your German douchbag Schopenhauer, I am going take a shower and hit to work”

I sat there laughing when he left me holding Schopenhauer’s book in my hand

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