Walking with an old man named as “AL” “Poem”

I was riding my bicycle when I met Mr. AL

Mr. AL is a 74 years old Veteran who’s broke and have a newly born child

I asked him how many people he killed in Vietnam?

He refused to answer after several protests

He puffed a cigarette and told me he is hitting a club in Ybor to make money and to have fun

Mr. AL screamed “Ali what kind of writer are you?

I don’t know the answer so I replied, “I don’t know”

He inquired “what are you most concerned to write about?

I said “social issues and my life”

Mr. AL quickly affirmed “You are a realistic fiction writer then get it through your head now” he became utterly silent and there was no point to contradict

So Ali he continued, “You are not only good looking but also have a sense”

I then asked him “why can’t I get girls as easy as you get even at this old age”

Mr. AL answered “Ali! You are too sweet, you are like sugar and women like bad boys not nice ones be a bad one I advise you Ali don’t be thirsty”

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