God of Youth “Poem”

I feel the godlike energy in my body and soul

It is the vigor of Youth, the indomitable monster capable of exploding everything

God of youth says “You only get Young once in a life time do not waste it”

Direct this God of youth to pursue the impossible and the unconquerable

Rip apart all the books on your table and say what must be said to the old people ruling over you

Show them what Young minds can achieve in short period of time

Hammer the notion that wisdom and knowledge comes from old age and maturity

Shout to the authorities you will not tolerate being told what to do and what not to do be it God or anyone

This God of youth is in rebellion to old age and thus speaks “Young students are sick and tired of professors”

Like Nietzsche says “A professor is a necessary evil”

Protest O God of Youth you can educate yourself even without their lofty schools and universities

Who will stop the thrust for knowledge once invoked in a young soul to hammer their old fashion schooling and standardized tests and useless degrees

Do I need a degree to pursue what I am pursuing?

Does knowledge is defined by how much CGPA a person has in records?

Can a student only study in fear of failing in exams or for grades as rewards?

Cannot a student study on his own without the need of their petty scholastic regimes

God of youth rebels against all education taught in universities which only leads to exploitation of students in markets

Education is a fundamental right of the young and a man can educate himself without any help from outside

Therefore, This God youth wages war against tyranny of Universities and their deadly debts

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