Rhetorical 22nd Street “Poem”

Something deeply American runs the rhetorics on 22nd street

Rambo sitting on sidewalk fixing bicycles

Two negro kids selling cold soda on the side walk near Florida sentinel office

I wonder who is going to buy any soda in cold windy breeze of December?

Some pretty black girls walks on 22nd streets

Find some hood niggers for them they don’t like outsiders? What and who? hood niggers? What corporeal creatures are they?

Answers John the Baptist “Whoever lives in the hood is a hood nigger” period.

You can find all the rhetorical words when negros buy lotto and cowboys buy beer and yell “Howdy” Howdy”

Homeless occupying all corner stores with their rhymes

Some age old veterans are rhetorician to old women message boys

Beware O child of all rhetoricians on 22nd street

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