I am a Young Hegelian “Poem”

Who looks at the world rationally the world looks back at him rationally wrote Hegel

Who was Hegel? What do Germany have in its soil to produce such a being as Hegel

I can define the world after Hegel as rationalized and materialized into modern society

I feel so proud to be young at the same time student of Hegel

I am therefore a Young Hegelian

I have dedicated my labors day and night to the study of Hegelian Dialectics

Oh Hegel You have put a spell on this young Man who calls himself “A young Hegelian now”

There is reason in history says Hegel not only myths and miracles and prophets and gods

There is a ordinary human face in history missing

This young Hegelian discovered that human all too human face of Nietzsche

Iqbal wrote that Hegel gave him the hardest time

Well this is no longer the epoch of Iqbal anymore

World needs more young Hegelian’s than young fanatics, young preachers, young entrepreneurs and the list goes on

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