Wisdom of a Cherokee Indian “Poem”

I met a Cherokee Indian tonight

He was dressed up like a cow boy from novels of Louis L’amour

He was somewhat out of the ordinary wearing a mask and a cowboy hat, very sophisticated.

“I was only nine when my grandma gifted me cowboy shoes and a hat” he told me

“I am not like these niggers you see on streets losing their paints to the ground, wearing gold chains and rapping

My outlook says “stop” I am different “I am a Cherokee Indian”

I inquired “The way you dressed up is not normal”

The Cherokee Indian laughed and responded

“You are wearing Bob Marley hat and a teese and jeans imitating average American ways”

Follow me I am the real American. I soon be going to South Carolina

“What is normal” he said, I don’t know

To me the way I am is normal

I am no American but a Cherokee Indian and I pass to you wisdom of my culture

Before going to sleep tonight do this

“Sit down somewhere quite and imagine mountains and wild life”

Now put yourself in the most ancient conditions a man could be

Having nothing to help you but your hands on your head

What are you going to do? Pray? Cry? Give up? Or fight for your survival?

I shall leave now but I am in Tampa for some business and I will see you again

“Until then look for an answer” he said gaily and then left like a total stranger without a goodbye

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