Crimes of Religions “Poem”

The worst crime committed on mankind were from religious people

Such crimes are worse than nazism, racism , Fascism, communism and so on

What happen when people take refuge in religious preaching?

They are unconscious of dividing a human into believer and non believer first

Later they wage war against those who disagree with their beliefs

Political upheaval for sake of votes they say Gods name

To take revenge on world and life they preach their religion

Why not keep your religion to yourself and leave others alone in hell

It is the religious people mankind needs to wage war against

It is only secularism mankind needs to adapt to flourish and win

Let no one sell you God but humanity

It is not a crime at a grand scale to became a communist or socialist or atheist than a religious preacher

All religious preachers are measles and a disease as Nietzsche’s Zarathustra teaches

Let this earth produce more humans than religions and their preachers

I shall prefer death than to take refuge in religious preaching

I would rather be a nihilist than a happy religious scumbag

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