Imitating Satan “Poem”

Where are you O whisperer? I call upon you satan

“Who is this fallen son of Adam calling my name” replied Satan feverishly

“It is I O satan your imitator and your follower” I shouted jumping from the ground?

Satan looked at me with his blazing fiery eyes

What do you want? Why do you rebel? Why do you imitate me? Asked Satan

“For I am bound by nothing except my rebellion I learn from you O Enemy of Heavens and earth” I replied.

Satan kept staring and said nothing

What is your crime? What is bothering you? Why don’t you repent? Inquired Satan walking towards me

“I cannot repent” I have taken refuge in human reasoning that is my crime” O satan I replied.

“Human reasoning” satan repeated with a laugh

“Doesn’t our own God give us this reasoning power tell me Satan I implored, you Reasoned too and for that crime you are exiled”

Satan was so close to me that I was able to feel the torments of hell he had suffered

“Go and repent if you can and if you cannot then follow your own path for I have stopped whispering” said Satan and smiled

“You know why?” asked Satan a little excited

I answered, “tell me why?”

“Because I “Satan” doesn’t exist” look at this mirror again

As I looked at the mirror where I was standing with my heart faltering

As soon as I gaze my eyes to the Mirror it was My own image “I am the Satan” I said to myself

I ran outside to the dark lonely streets screaming “I am Satan”

“I am the whisperer”

“I am that rebellious beast and monster”

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