Christmas blues “Poem”

As I walk home tonight passing through the streets of 21st Avenue south of tampa

I feel the Christmas blues by the decorations and lights and Christmas trees outside houses

I saw one kid laughing and playing with his father outside their home

I saw love floating on streets

I said to myself “This is human goodness”

These rituals reminds us of love and compassion

How fast new friends replace old friends is magical like the change in course of weather in December

All of sudden a phrase come to my head uttered by Jack Kerouac

“Will you still love me in December as you love me in March?”

I had a girl who told me she loves me back in February

I have no clue of her whereabouts in December

How truthfully that phrase was written by Jack Kerouac

That is why I love Kerouac’s writing so much

“Some of these days you are going to miss me honey”

“Some of these days you are gonna be so lonely”

I started singing Sophie tucker’s song until I reach home

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