What is Suicide? “Aphorisms”

The question is why should I kill myself?

What is suicide if not rebellion against life itself?

Why I am so much obsessed with suicide?

“It is not worth the bother of killing your self since you always kill yourself too late.” wrote Cioran

My mind always justify the act of self destruction as it paves the way to non being

An escape from all miseries of life all at once with one little courageous act

Oh how if any war starts I would be the first one to goto the frontlines

Being closer to death makes you more authentic

As heidegger wrotes “Dasien” the being towards death teaches you that death is an everyday phenomenon

Death is always too close happening to those who are not our acquaintances

We are not just aware of death and immortality of man until someone dies closer to us

Being towards death makes me do what I believe needs to be done first

My obsession with suicide turns out to be positive

I am working on my passions day and night that is all life is about

As Hegel says “the individual with passion is always ready to say “Come what may”

A man of passion can never be a slave to his circumstances

That is why natural death seems to average and ordinary and too far away

Socrates knew that so does Caesar, Hemingway and the list goes on

The day I discovered I have much of life will be the last day

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