First Impressions from Graveyards

What is a graveyard if not our real home?

Whenever I see a grave it reminds me of the fact that all will end soon and it must happen as sooner as possible

A mother told me her young son died how happily I would change my life with her dead son

There should be more distance between each grave or do the dead need neighbors too?

My grave should be hidden like that of a pharaoh if any

When you hear about someone’s death how it reminds you that some day no so long some one will be talking about your own death too

“He was a good person” says the living to the dead only and only when he is dead not when he is alive

Few minutes after your buried everyone turn away from your grave as a long life is waiting for them

I remember one time I threw a few spades of soil into a grave with my hands oh how I loved it and never hesitated in doing so to this day

We cry too much when someone dies!

When someone dies young people say “Oh! He was too young to die?” As death is a privilege to old age only

What is better burning or burying? Why not ask the dead after they experienced both ways?

They say one day mankind will be short of graveyards? There will be no more places to bury the dead

Some people do not deserved to be bothered that’s what comes to my mind last night on passing by a graveyard

Why do people are so much concerned about an epithet? What does it matter after you are dead and buried? Do a dead man care about their names?

I think all funeral services are works of evil if not virtue

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