Life vs Death “Maxims”

“I am waiting for your last breath” says angel Azrael every night and morning standing near my bed

What is life if not a mere accident?

The event of my birth remains the everlasting torment what else hell would be if not life itself

Death is my only salvation all else a theatrical drama

I took an immense pleasure passing by cemetery’s in middle of the nights

One’s death should always remain a mystery in order to avoid anyone to pray or sympathize for you.

To die among wild animals than humans is a privilege

I would happily exchange savagery of a beast with intellect of a human

Heaven must not a have a market place to buy and sell

I can bear anything except an empty prayer

When one dies worms ate our flesh why not have a change and let the animals enjoy human flesh (Karma)

I don’t want anyone to pray for me I just want them to forget me as I never existed

What is the point of throwing human corpses into graves?

Why was I born? Why would I die? Why would anyone dies?

God created man in his image for what? To justify He is God? All these petty stifles for proving a single point! What cruelty and crime

If anyone asks me “How are you” I shall always reply “Nor Good nor bad”

I never suffered from Insomnia but slumberness

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