Universal Spirit “A Gist”

In the preface Hegel’s phenomenology of spirit he wrote:

“The task of leading the individual from his uneducated standpoint to knowledge had to be seen in its universal sense, just as it was the universal individual, self-conscious spirit, whose formative education had to be studied.”

Hegel’s philosophy is like a shot from a pistol, begins straight away with absolute knowledge, and makes short works of other standpoints by declaring that it takes no notice of them.

In a seclusion an individual first considers himself a black sheep from the common herd

Each page he reads makes him more progressive in thinking and aspirations than his contemporaries

Each page of a book is like a year passed in ignorance for those who haven’t read any of that whose judgement remains the same as untouched and preserved in prejudice and conformism

Science according to Hegel is an element even found in all religions unnoticed by its followers and preachers

“Would you believe in God with reason or with blind devotion of love and acceptance?” He further inquired

The world will move forward with universal individuals leaving behind all fundamentalist and traditionalist at the bottom of pyramid

The world will not forgive those who remained slave to their culture, norms and language and hence fourth not adapting the universal spirit

We are one human race that is all

Hegel to me is not German but a universal spirit, his personal life is a mere accident opposite to his philosophical works which speaks for the whole of humanity

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