Negros on Black Experience “Poem”

It was a cold evening of December in East Tampa

Whole bunch of Blacks crowded inside the corner store in a black neighborhood

John walked into the store almost shouting and screaming “All the Negros in the house”

“This is America my nigger, Why call us “Negros!” “America ain’t black”

America ain’t joke, “black experience ain’t for everybody” all that history we are the black necks” said a young black dude holding a beer in his hand with golden teeth’s muttering “America ain’t joke” “America ain’t black” …………….

“Hey Ya’ll Negros make way” yelled John again as John himself was black but that was not the case

“What do you want me to call you then if not Negro! What now? you don’t like your color niggerrrrr?”

Don’t murder the history man call us “Aboriginals” we the real Indians and Americans”

White came bursting into the store holding his speaker while playing drakes rap song “Gods plan” on and eating bag of Shabangs

White is black but his name is White isn’t that comic?

“Don’t you dare to call me a negro despise the fact I am black” said the young black man

Now White who is black came across the counter playing lotto and buying blunts to smoke marijuana

I was a green, a naive before about the life in hood but not anymore

I saw all and nothing then left the store after experiencing a little black experience

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