Imposter Syndrome “An Esthetic of high Achievers”

Marx argued that a society always reject its aesthetics and critiques of critiques

What is an imposter syndrome in real sense?

This “Self” projects a new birth in a man who maintains that his old self was a product of his environment that he no longer wants to be that person any longer

Thus man becomes a fraud to existing people who knew that man before are now unable to accept such radical change in him

Imposter syndrome is a feeing of rejecting fate and creating ones own fate by one’s own actions

If you watch “Mad Men” series “Don Draper” the protagonist hijacked identity of another person and creates a new personality which the real person himself was unable to do so

Simply man always seems to be other than what he is

Man will risk all and is even ready to kill himself again and again to get rid of himself once and for all in such a delusional desire of living more than once

Leon Trotsky the Russian revolutionary did the same thing in real life he adapted his name “Trotsky” in rebellion to old feeble Russian society in prison and achieved what otherwise would have been impossible for him

Imposter syndrome could be found in Moses when he becames a wanderer coming from a royal life to that of a Shepherd and a prophet

The same imposter syndrome is found in king David when he visits Jerusalem and fights Goliath

Elon musk has the same syndrome after leaving South Africa, Steve Jobs had the same when come back from India as a Buddhist

Franz Kafka has the same imposter syndrome reflected in his unfinished novel “Amrika” in which he dreams of starting a new life with new identity in America

Whenever a prisoner comes out of his imprisonment he also suffers from Imposter syndrome where he tries his best not to back to prison

If you read Charles dickens famous novel “Great Expectations” the prisoner in the novel repays a little kindness of the poor orphan kid pip for helping him to became a gentleman in future

Dostoevsky was a radical socialist before he was imprisoned in Siberia but after coming out of prison he suffered from imposter syndrome and rejecting all his progressive socialist ideas to his last breath

In conclusion imposter syndrome is a sign of such personality traits who are always high achievers

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