Natural selection “Poem”

Has earth produced any more genius species like Darwin?

Isolation says Darwin plays an important role in natural selection process

Certain species he argued who are isolated approves to be better than others

In isolation the individual species transform and modify according to their environment

Those isolated species are more superior as immigrants to new lands than those already in old place

The struggle for life continues and the species unable to adapt finally extinct

Is it not the same case if we took America as compared to the rest of the world?

Take a mediocre human and put him in this land he will triumph like the blacks in America

Why Americans are more innovative and strong than the rest of the world?

Why the native Americans extinct while other races propagated?

Why immigrants prove themselves better than those born in America?

The answer is in the theory of natural selection

The answer is the isolation from their native lands?

The answer is natural selection of those particular individuals and their adaptations for competition and survival

A new super human species thus resides in the land of America’s as compared to the rest of the world

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