Confessions of a dangerous Mind “Aphorisms”

I walked and walked all my life from cradle to grave

I took a pledge never to see myself getting old and humble but restless like the seas always hitting the shores

What is life? I don’t know but How I endure each minute only Satan knows

I always admired Satan for his boldness and courage

Labor? Men labor during day and come home at night with fatigue bearing the trauma of that day which turns into night

Money asks Marx “CMC to MCM” Commodity for money and money for commodity all ends up to one thing “Desire”

I know God exists but what do with the Revolution within my soul?

Plato argues we cannot have any knowledge of another being except that being which exists for itself alone can only what he truly is

In very powerful sensation of pain I always except the worst

The lecture chair is grave of philosophy, the death of any living thought, the dais is the mind in the mourning wrote Cioran

What is a graveyard? If not My obsession and my future

Who is who? Asks my heart to a lifeless stone

Whenever I come home late at night, I am overwhelmed by idleness

Whenever I woke up in morning, I gaze on my books lying on table

I was meant to be alone I reasoned and always remain alone like the event of birth and death

God must not forgive my sins nor should He love me

When I see a young kid sleeping on road my heart aches

Homelessness is a blessing in disguise

I have committed millions crimes in my thoughts

I think I am a thought criminal because I think too much and to think too much is a disease

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