Dasein “Being” A Proposition

All through my personal experience of growing up in a radical Islamic country I conclude this being which “Heidegger” referred as Dasein or “Being” always seeks to flee from itself as a thing in itself and it will not be wrong to say that we live highly as inauthentic beings . Now the question one must oneself is this: What is this human being? His “Ego” or innermost feelings? And Human desire? And also his private interests?

Are religious people authentic? the answer is a straight “NO”. One may ask how and why?

Take this catholic Priest I saw a few days ago sitting all alone at river walk with a bible in his hands. He wears his hat covering his eyes from the physical appearance of the world around him. He was negating the people jogging and running and screaming around him as unnoticed or nonexistent.

In simple words that catholic priest do not wanted to be bothered from his fleeting moments which he calls praying or remembering Christ. Is not this phenomenan of praying merely an escape from the present?

Now on conversing with that catholic priest I conclude that he was a very educated man. His intellect was far superior than those walking around river walk that evening for mere pleasure with fortune and happiness. It is a disappointment for me to see Fate of highly intellectual beings as always to be cruel and un-happy.

In this world of ours “Money and Wealth” is considered to be a sign of superior beings not their ability to think and understand the world and human existence as a whole.

My proposition is this ” Human beings whether happy or unhappy seeks to flee from themselves and take refuge in religion as heidegger points out as an inauthenticity. In simple words being what one is not or projecting a false image on ourselves in the form of religious dogma to escpae and seek hope for final redemption from the present mood of existence.

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