On Hanging myself “Anecdote”

To hang myself All I need is a rope, a chair and a roof fan whereas the courage I have is momentous

Why then I am not hanging myself I failed to understand?

Why I study philosophy amounts to some madness left in me since a child

How last night I tormented myself of not being suicidal and mad

People say hanging oneself is always better than shooting

My roommate once drank a drainer and was unable to kill himself and he is still alive what a shame?

How do I fight nihilism?

Read more Nietzsche perhaps?

How about drowning oneself in a river?

Why do people commit suicide?

Why do people hang themselves?

Why do people go insane?

Where is Jesus?

Where is my innocence?

Where is my home?

Who I am? Where I am?

Why I am still alive?

Why can’t I just die? Why wait?

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