A thorn from “Morning Notes”

A thorn of existence is wakefulness

A thorn in my flesh is suddenly arousing from my bed in middle of the night

A thorn to that day I was born and the day I will die

A thorn and millions thorns in my flesh

The euphoria of being in the world is a thorn

All started from that birth of a flower

A kind of flower with thorns

Non communication and madness

Never to be understood or cured

A disease is this thorn of consciousness

Lament the day God said “Let there be light”

Where is that light?

All I have is this thorn in my flesh, a bloody thorn and darkness

A thorn to rip my skin off and strip me naked and wise

Here take this thorn O child and ran away from people

All hail to wilderness where I can endure million thorns but no human existence

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