A Writer’s “Prompt”

I have more unfinished stories than friends

I have more books on my desk than a list of contacts in my phone book

I am writing 24/7 in my head always coming up with ideas and words

I always have overwhelming energy to write either early in mornings or late at night

A writer I mean by a truly passionate writer is always alone

Writing is a monstrous compendium

No one chooses to be a writer. For that reason I was born to be a writer

I am now a published author

A writer always prefers books to people

I like French more than English and I like German more than French and I like silence more than anything

I don’t like Arabic language simply because I could never understand it.

Born as a non Arab Muslim arabic language is and will always be a foreign whip master who demands Submission

I have identity crisis nor I am an Arab nor I am a Persian, nor I am an Indian nor I am white or black but brown

I stand for no flags or lands or governments I am at best a proud anarchist and iconoclast

My ancestors were the people of Indus Valley “Mohen Judaro or Harappa” is where I must have come from

At the end I despise all human interactions

At the beginning I loved Charles dickens and I love him to this day

Why all great writers and philosophers were white? Why not black or brown?

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