Men in State of War “A Gist”

Hobbes wrote “Naturally every man has a right to everything”

Hobbes thought “Men by nature are equal in a state of Nature and by difference enemies in a civil society”

A question comes to my mind while reading Hobbes which he elaborates brutishly

Why do men lock their doors in their houses before going to sleep?

Hobbes argues “What opinion a man has for his fellow men when he rides armed, of his fellow citizens when he locks his doors at night”

Hobbes further presents an antithesis “Does he who locks his door of the house at night not there as much accuse mankind by his actions as I do by my words?“

In a gist no one men is equal to another and safe by another and this brutish, barbaric state exist among men and animals which Darwin’s talks about as the survival of the fittest

Where to go? What to do? Abandon mankind?

We are at war with each other 24/7

What a shame on earth is human race as compared to other species

Not once men will be peaceful not once until the end of times or perhaps maybe to eternity

Why shouldn’t I be then a nihilist?

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