A tribute to Diogenes “Poem”

O Diogenes I wish to be your disciple now for some time to come

How cynic and how sublime your life was in Athens

What is Buddha compared to Diogenes?

Diogenes who lived with his insanity

Diogenes the mad men on street like dogs

Diogenes the homeless philosopher

Diogenes the con artist and wisest of all

What is this materialism? asks Diogenes

To hell with conformity and men and their customs

Diogenes who appeared before plato in the academy with a chicken in his hands and proclaimed “Behold! This is the man of plato”

The art of not giving a fuck comes from Diogenes

Diogenes who exclaimed to Alexander the Great “Don’t block my sunshine and get out of my face”

Diogenes who told the kings son “human bones whether a slave or king looks the same”

Diogenes who governed men with reason and passion and madness

Diogenes is the Nietzsches mad men in the market searching for God and where is that God?

Esprit de cops to Diogenes and his intellectual ferment

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