Hypocrisy of Hospitals “A perspective”

I saw a man in pain sitting in line gnawing his teeth’s and gathering his strength

I saw useless Paperwork’s and mere play of payment options

For they must kept a Record of our data, their end goal is not to relive ones pain but to gather information about human subjects for profiteering

I saw all and I saw nothing and I kept silence

I saw that the purpose of hospitals is to make money out of human suffering and pains

Doctors practice their art for not serving humans to ease their bodily pains but treat them no less than customers

Like every money monger doctors at first hand are nothing but monsters in human flesh

At once I said to this young man

Better Keep yourself away from hospitals and their protocols and meaningless progression of scholastic legal measures and instruments of operation

A man be better off with his pain and suffering than to be handed down to such monstrous creatures we call doctors and specialists

A Cherokee Indian once told me

For they can remedy all their pains by their own knowledge and willingness

For hospitals it is necessary that diseases must exist and man be in pain

Otherwise how else doctors will make money?

Henceforth, mankind has invented more diseases for themselves by making clinics and hospitals than nature ever did

Better to die in pain on the field like a soldier than to rot in an hospital bed

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