How I overcome inner Moral conflict “New Ordeals for New Morals”

Philosophers have argued that we should be “Men first subjects later.”

Now what does that statement reflects?

Life is thrown at us by others as a mere accident. This accident is my first observation as a living subject of knowledge

First Proposition is this innate and strange accident of birth. We have no control as who should be born or who must not be born but it is a process of nature simply that we are gifted with this life which none of us asked or requested or even given a right to complain at first hand but life is linear only when experiencing it as a child

The world exists as it is already made and build by others and I have no contribution or an opinion in its making as why it is the way it is or why it is not what it should be

The second proposition is the Genealogy of Morals?

From whence we have these moral codes and laws and customs?

As these traditions of history were present even before my birth and I have a right to doubt them as I didn’t make them

Be it God or a King or a states man. I cannot say either I owe my obedience to no one simply because I have not asked for their ideals or benevolence to concern so much about the world and the way of life

Nor can I say I must obey God or president of United States because I happen to be present as a subject under their powers or as non of my present circumstances are of my my own making entirely

Now I can assert that nothing is forbidden and everything is permitted

I am at once free to act in any way I please or wish

I can tell what is good for me or what is bad for me without the need of any intervention by someone be it God or a politician

I can assert that when I put my hand near fire it will burn, I can feel the soreness and warmth and pain

Do I still need someone to warn me about the dangers of Fire or I can feel the danger of fire with my own senses of touch and smell?

In this way my own mind can differentiate and have the ability to judge on its own of what is good and bad for me by mere instincts

Whatever is good or bad is within me not outside my understanding

The logical question is this; should I allow God or any outside power to warn me or teach me about good and evil?

The answer is a simple “No”

Everything comes down to individual perspective and experience

If I am in pain no one understand or is able to comprehend what sort of pain or what pain feels like being me in my body

Same is the way of all morality

I am my own judge and my own avenger

I hung up my own higher laws before any of Gods law or states law

I shall obey my own higher laws before even considering the world of others as Heidegger put it “being for others”

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