The Limits to thought “Un Problema”

There are certain limits to thinking I assert to the point beyond realms of facts that I am unable to doubt or acknowledge my being

I know the sun is shining but I only know because I can see it, I cannot yet see my own eyes which affirms that the sun exists

For the sun to exist it is important first I must exist who will watch the sun and say “I can see a fireball in sky which we call sun”

Or is it possible that the sun may exist without the need of my existence to approve this truth that the sun do exist?

If I deny my existence what will be the meaning of all this world?

I cannot think about a world without my being as a thinking being?

I touch, I breath, I walk, I feel, I see, I think that I think, I read books, I play with written words, I write blogs, I cannot doubt that I exist

I cannot at the same time admit that I am what I see in the mirror or as others see me or come to know me by conversing?

I could be something more than I am or I could be something less than I am?

Man is rational and at same time irrational

What Buddha achieve was not nirvana but limits to his thoughts

If I sat down under an oak tree that means I cannot think

For thinking requires leisure like the ancient Egyptians

As soon as my bodily needs are gone I move forward to thought process

I acquire or desire that state of mind as soon as I finish my work or school to be able to hold a book in my hands to think and write

Such limits to my thoughts cannot be ignored or undermined under any influence

This Cartesian problem of human beings as a thinking being or subject to knowledge remains a problem to this day

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