Melancholia or Delirium “A state of mind”

What is it that I am suffering tonight? Is it melancholia or delirium?

Foucault talks about mania and hysteria in his book “Madness and civilization”

Foucault states “The Melancholic person suffers and his thoughts are limited to one single object or point of view”

I see such sickness every where almost everyday

Now what to make out of it if not that the whole of mankind is melancholic and delirious

Where is my salvation?

Walking home tonight I saw some houses a church and trees in perfect harmony and peace

Was that really me or my restless soul wandering and wandering late at night on streets?

Was that I who was melancholic not the streets?

It was I who suffers from delirium not the trees or houses?

This “I” was on the heights of despair not the cars passing me by

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