The State of Aporia “The Sun and The Moon Conversing”

The Sun asked the Moon with voluptuous fad

“Where thee Art? When I “The Sun” the light, the source of life appears in midst of darkness and vacuity of the void in space

The Moon with its senility and contempt remained silent

The Sun with its magnanimity continued, “You imposter, ye imitator, ye mediocre lifeless stone. I the “Sun” is real and master of the universe.”

The Moon unable to tolerate its own truth henceforth think of a lie, any lie to succumb Sun out of its vain glory

I the “Moon” is an imposter, a fraud for a just cause, I steal thy light O sun and shed it on earth when you hide in your abode the earth is shadowed with my shine and delight

I am forever bound to earth the only living stone amongst your universe of dead stones ye God Sun!

The Sun with imperative confusion replied, “I never left Earth alone but Earth rotates on its own axis and show resentment towards its own benefactor the “Sun” ah, what ennui, lofty turpitudes and venomous hatred”

The Moon succeeded finally in his devilish task of dismantling Sun of its existence

A state of Aporia exists surrounding the whole Universe

Who will bring salvation from all paradoxes?

The Sun and The Moon looks towards Earth in a state of Aporia

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