Dilettantism “A Crime of Modern Age”

The internet, Google, Wikipedia and social media has made crime of dilettantes a common phenomenon

The crime of dilettantism is rising in this modern age of information and technology

No one knows a thing but claims to know everything

Do we need Socratic method to be reinforced of saying “I know that I know nothing”

Knowledge is no longer a privilege for the few but for all but on what cost?

Everybody is a philosopher these days on the internet?

What difference does it make actually to study philosophy in academia?

Just as in classical times music was only available in operas, orchestras and theaters

YouTube has even ruined that romance

I want to offer futility in modern age

Now why conceal it? “Futility” is the most difficult thing in the world

Skepticism is needed more than ever now

It is a sickness of mind and soul in these times of dilettantism

Where everybody is something and I choose to be nothing

I have loved poetry, philosophy and the arts at the expense of my health

I have not yet resigned but incriminated my mind

What if I myself am a dilettante? I have cultivated an obsession with such words

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