Why Mourn the dead? “An Answer”

Why mourn the dead? When we know it all means nothing but absurdity and useless tears and weakness in human nature

Perhaps answer to such questions can never be given as humans are highly emotional beings, they are only sentimental temporary for the time being and such sorrows are overcome by the torment of time and labor

Dear stranger you might consider me a misanthrope or a monster

Humans need to evolve from such petty triflings and face the the empty void of human intimacy

Only when someone closer to us dies we instantly became aware of the phenomenon of death and mourn for the loss. We are not aware that million dies everyday and millions are born everyday such is the catastrophic event of life dear stranger for mankind on this wretched planet

As Nietzsche envisioned greater men, the over man faithful to earth that much in Man is still worm. Why mourn then? Is it going to bring the person back? Why should one shed tears for the gone? Why not invest those energies for the new, audacious and stronger human race. Now tell me? what have you done to Overcome yourself O weaklings of human race?

Being towards death teaches Heidegger that Death is everyday phenomenon and there is nothing tragic or mournful about it. One has to accept bravely and stand face to face to it when ever it approaches with no remorse or reward or justice to eternity and nothing can justify human existence that it was a grand mistake

Perhaps Socrates is my ideal for facing death voluntarily and willingly except Plato who mourned his rebellion in his Pheado dialogue

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