A Tribute to Schopenhauer “The World is my Idea”

“The World is My Idea” this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows

To Schopenhauer’s masterpiece the world as will and idea

Schopenhauer is more closer to me than my father

Schopenhauer is the essence of my soul

I read and re-read his first page of the volume world as idea

Schopenhauer writes, “No truth therefore is more certain, more independent of all others and less in need of proof then this, that all that exists for knowledge, and therefore this whole world is only object in relation to subject, perception of a perceiver in a word, idea.”

All my problems are gone once I read Schopenhauer

This world exists because I exist and what will my life be without having my own place in it?

A void, a nothingness, therefore I read Schopenhauer everyday

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