Nikolai Gogol’s Overcoat “An Analysis”

Gogol has written the masterpiece short story almost two centuries ago titled as “Overcoat” which remains relevant and truthful to this day in our modern society

Akakay akokovich the protagonist in the story is commonly found on streets everywhere

we cannot help but judge a man by his outlook, physical appearance, dress codes, and sense of clothing.

Even though we cannot know or are unable to know what is going in any other persons life

but we are so often obliged to pass a judgement which “Malcolm Gladwell” calls Snap judgments in his book tipping points.

We just love to rob other individuals of their simple and pure pleasures?

Gogol depicts the most uncanny psychological analysis of a working class individual

Socrates comes to my mind precisely and Thoreau

both the Greek and the American philosopher emphsizes on inward appearnce than the outward

let other people be and never call on someone a pimp no matter how weird they dress up

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