On COVID-19 Vaccinations “Let’s not get Vaccinated”

Our Medical perception is a Godlike Phenomena always accepted without questioning

An argument against COVID-19 Vaccinations is simply not a necessary but an obligatory one these days

What sovereignty a state has over its citizens to have them vaccinated without consent?

Can we really trust the COVID shot? How much more shared data, statistics and government support we need to put our faith on the big pharmaceuticals?

The medical gaze looks at us with deceiving eyes termed as bio-politics by Foucault in his book “Birth of Clinic” in the Archeology of medical perception

“An epidemic is a finger grained constitution, with more constant, more homogeneous phenomena”

“Epidemic is a political consciousness” argued Foucault further in this book

What obliged us to be obedient towards the governments?

It is the same Orwellian slogan “INGSOC” hate speech and fear of life

To summarize the concept of Homo sacer the ordinary man who is the ban in short the ban is the average citizen and the wolf is the government

We rely too much on modern bio politics to save us?

Epidemics has been part of our being since the beginning of mankind

First it was Jesus curing the lepers now it is the CDC and the pharmacists curing us with vaccinations and forcing us to wear masks?

Are we not even allowed to question?

Just because we lack the elite knowledge that a few privileged in the medical profession possess and know better than us?

Does that secret medical knowledge give them a right to dictate us?

It is same argument I put against God despite the fact “all seeing all knowing” give him no right to ask for submission?

I relate such notions to Tyranny where subjects lacks something and not to transgress is the fulfillment of that powerful command

Governments are no different than Gods in ancient world

They put fear in us for our lives and seek submission and control over us

Observe how the consent of every citizen is manufactured during the pandemic towards their governments and mainstream media “Chomsky”

Now the real question is this: “Should we take vaccinations or not?”

It depends on every individual as the world is their idea “Schopenhauer”

Whatever their minds conceive of the aftermaths of epidemic and their faith on the medical society

For me these vaccinations are out of the question

One thought on “On COVID-19 Vaccinations “Let’s not get Vaccinated”

  1. You lost me at “First it was Jesus curing the lepers . . . ” Say what?!? . . . This is not even remotely similar. . . and quite frankly it’s screams, “I don’t know Who He Is.” Jesus didn’t inject people with His ideology–He healed people who requested to be healed. He also didn’t come to heal everyone. He only healed those who wanted to be healed. Otherwise yea, thanks, but no thanks on the vaccine (little pharmaceutical shop of horrors). Thanks for the courage to say it!


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