The Culture of the self “Apimeleia”

Most people are unbearable to bear their own minds and body

It takes special attention to take care of oneself

Emerson teaches the cultivation of self in his essay “Self Reliance”

Foucault teaches the culture of self in his book history of sexuality

It is never too early or too late for young men to philosophize or retire to their own selves

Epimeleia implies a labor, a measure for self development

Thoreau labored his soul with nature in his book “Walden or life in the woods”

Socrates by drinking a cup of hemlock in Plato’s dialogue “Apology”

It takes time to devote oneself to Oneself for pure Happiness and success

Epicurean theme which Seneca and Alicibiades adapted with a view to turning and returning to oneself

The cultivation of self is no different than cultivation of a garden

The culture of the self is an art of existence concluded Foucault

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