Mala Philosophikon Pathos “How to became a Scholar “

A man becomes a philosopher by reason of certain perplexity, from which he seeks to free himself

This is Plato’s thaumaxein argued Schopenhauer

What distinguishes false philosopher or a scholar from true one is that the perplexity arises from contemplation of the world itself not because of some book or books mainly

“Thus time has no beginning, but all Beginning is in time” wrote Schopenhauer in his book “world as Will and idea”

In the beginning God created heavens and earths (Genesis). henceforth before God created heavens and earths there were no beginning in time and space or law of causality .

The existence of the world remains ever more dependent on the opening of an eye even that of an insect (Kafka’s Metamorphosis)

The whole world exists only for knowledge and for such a knowledge a necessary condition is required which is the eye that sees or envisions

The world is entirely an idea, and such demands the knowing subject as the supporter of its existence. (Except from Schopenhauer’s text)

This proves here that a true scholar seeks knowledge for passion of it only

All begins from a simple curiosity, from first inquiry in the mind of an observer

This keen eye of a human makes him a scholar whether the world acknowledges or not such eye is the mark of a true scholar

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