Why I Study Philosophy “An answer”

Philosophy comes to me naturally as one dreams in sleep (Logos as pure reason)

Words come naturally to me that is why I will be a published author soon (I will share the link of my book here)

The goal of philosophy is to clear the ambiguity in thoughts ( propositions depicts reality)

According to Logic a thought is a picture of facts and being there all the facts (Wittgenstein)

Religion is which is never spoken off (Thoreau) religious beliefs are a private affair not public

One should never talk about religion to anyone but to himself alone (Leave God alone and discover who you are first)

Life is Will to power as Nietzsche says “This will is nothing but commanding”

I study philosophy because i exist

I exist and I must reason as to what reason I exist

This is yet to be discovered as Heidegger says (human being is still an unknown phenomenon)

People often argue on what and who God is when we don’t even know what a human being is?

Should not we focus on ourselves first and worry about God later (Too much God in Ireland Joyce’s exile)

An unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates)

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