On Negation “Erfahrung”

As I looked outside the door I saw the world in short, my being in the world

I know for a fact that I am a being who has an identity, a name, a body, a soul and a mind.

A being who possess language skills to communicate

But in midst of all this thorough affair, what is this being that gains knowledge and experience with the passage of time?

What if I have no name or a body and a soul or a mind to associate with my consciousness?

How come the same awareness of my being without the physical appearance will embody such consciousness?

Without appearance of my being the existence of the world becomes entirely obsolete

The door and the world will still be there except my being

But without my being the opening of the door along with the world possesses no perceiver

On such negation one can say that the door and the world might as well exist for its own sake if not for my being’s sake

But in reality the door and the world outside exists solely for my being, for my sake only

Even if the world exists on its own it might as well not exist on negation of my own being (Nihilism)

All that exists simply exists because I exist (Schopenhauer, World as will and Idea)

Take this proposition “There is no God but Allah”

First there is Negation than an affirmation that God doesn’t exist but exist whose name can be none other than Allah

Henceforth, even God is dependent on its name such as Allah

Things cease to exist without the use of names, without the use of language

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