Vita Nuova “An Intellectual Journey”

Dante Alighieri invited me to a Banquet when I bought his book

A banquet filled with great Italian humor, intellect, bread, meat and lots of wine

Vita Nuova wrote Dante “Ye who the third Heaven move, intent of thought, Hear reasoning that is within my heart.”

I sat on a table with rich food and lively conversations but something was missing from the table?

For I am forever spell bound to intellectual exertion only like a relic or a radical

Who finds no pleasure in everyday ordinary conversations with petty emotions and ambitions of riches and fame

Talks of mere profiteering, visions of distant future seems like a fleeting ship into the seas

At once I took my leave from all friends

I ran home stretched my legs and spread my arms at the table

Picked up Dante’s Banquet from the book shelve and started reading

Who else is more privileged than me to have a banquet such as Dante has prepared

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