A Nightly Gaze “An Introspection”

I sat down looking at my own shadow

A nightly gaze followed my path

I was surrounded by demons

There appears a man, a friend, a brother, a messenger, an inspiration

As I saw Norris, I felt very calm as I have found my own self

Norris is a literary scandalous insect creeping into the world of literature

Have you ever found yourself lost?

I have found myself again and again in midst of life and death

Negation of the Negation is all what philosophy of life is

La! A melancholic soul caught under a Nightly gaze

A gaze cast upon the lonely earth by stars

A gaze of moonlit sky delving deep into my sorrows

Ah! What to do with my sorrows and pains?

Endure! Just endure says the nightly gaze standing face to face like a monster

I ran my gaze towards Norris and find the courage to keep on going and keep on writing

Writing is my only salvation to defeat the demons within me

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