James Joyce Irish Pub “A Giveaway”

Last night I was sitting at the James Joyce Irish pub in Tampa, Florida

It was all wild and savage

Live game was streaming on the screen in presence of a chattering crowd

The bar tender was a young girl and she came towards me as soon as I sat down looking at the screen

“One Guinness ” I ordered, she nodded and pour the dark flashing cool fluid in a glass

I took a sip and to my left a middle aged white girl was talking to a random guy

First I thought maybe they know each other

All of a sudden I saw an old Irish man all drunk and wasted with a hat, tie and suit on he looked as just out of movie screen

I asked the old man, “You must be Irish sir?”

The old man replied, “One hundred percent Irish from tip to toe”

The Old drunkard Irish brat put a few dollars on the table and called on the bar tender

“Hey sweetheart, let me close my tap and go to hell.”

The girl next me started yelling, “It’s been six months I haven’t logged into my social media”

She gasped and took a sip of her beer

Go Away she yelled at the bar fly sitting next to her

She pleaded to me to ask him to leave and I told the man “You gotta leave the women alone, man and he got up and left

She thanked me, dear Stranger

I had a copy of “The Portrait of an Artist as a young Man” by James Joyce in my pocket

I walked to the bookshelf inside the bar and put my copy of the book over there

I picked up Ulysses left at the bookshelf by some other fan of James Joyce

I enjoyed reading Ulysses this morning more than anything

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