Who is a Laborer? “An Analysis of Marx’s labor value theory”

“Labor so far as it is bought and sold is itself a commodity” wrote Marx centuries ago and even today the laborer is treated as a commodity where the laborer would be selling himself, converting himself from a free man into a slave. (The word “Slave” conveys a derogatory remark that man not by nature but society itself subjects himself for the attainment of his luxurious wants not mere essential facts of life. We starve ourselves not to poverty but to riches in today’s modern bourgeois society.

A laborer is a specific kind of human organism whose labor power is his body, mind and moral strength exchanged for a limited time period for physical and mental exertion under a given social condition in exchange for his labor value in the form of wages.

As Marx wrote, “The measure of labor is time and the wages are the value of that labor where the wages are decided not by laborer’s talents or capabilities but by the marketable value which is corner stone of every economic system. (Free Market forces)

what is time?

Time is nothing but a mere calculation of a day into hours and hours into minutes and minutes into seconds where not the quality of the day matters but mere productivity in the sense of accumulation of monetary expression of the relative value of a product which a man may buy for his leisure and maintenance which he earned the previous day and spends rest of his life in such vicious cycle of buying and selling, commodity for commodity and reducing human organism to mere consumer to be consumed wholly and completely.

A laborer is man who says “Yes” to his oppressor or the capitalist or the owner of a business where the laborer lacking means to became capitalists’ himself must sustain his being by converting his labor power into money and that money to pay his bills, rents etc.

A laborer lacks not the opportunity or the education or the skill sets to rise from mediocrity but ignorance of his own potential and inability to endure lashes and the whips of free market competition.

A laborer is a human being whose humanity has been taken away from him not by his own wants and needs but by a mere superficial necessities of life

A laborer is reduced to a mere commodity to be utilized as long as he lives and fall to the given category of modern index of working class and the middle class.

A laborer must exist in all ages, a deprived, unskilled man to be employed in lowest strata of employment eg. “Dishwasher, cashier, waiter, pool laborer, security guard, accountant etc

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