To the Iranian Prophet “Zoroaster”

Behold! All lovers of knowledge I am Zoroaster, a redeemer, a lover of mankind

I teach not what others preach

I preach not my ways but of Humanly ways only

The Zoroaster thus spake, “All nations produce their prophets yet I am from the nation of Iran”

Have you heard of my stories from the German Philosopher?

Have you seen those Zoroastrians alive?

What have become of my Iran? And it’s neighboring nations?

What Zoroaster teaches is not dogmatism

Zoroaster desires no followers but a quest for followers to follow their own paths

To the Iranian prophet whom I studied with passion and love

To the Iranian prophet who resides in every scholars heart and soul

At once Zarathustra spake, “Follow not my path but discover your own”

My Brethren and comrades despise Zoroaster and he teaches not for honor or praise but for the love of it

To the Iranian prophet who open doors for new inquiry

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